RC Council Adopts Accessible Assessor Resolution
Mon, 05 Apr 2021 06:01:10 EDT

As the result of a new state regulation, Rogers City Council members recently adopted a resolution establishing a policy to access the tax assessing office.

City Manager Joe Hefele noted that municipalities can establish such practices by adopting a resolution which boiler plate language was supplied by the City Assessor Allan Berg.

Hefele noted it was his belief the requirement is part of the State's ongoing assessing reforms, with goals that include accuracy, consistency, and transparency.

The city contract with Berg expires October 1st, with Hefele to have discussions about a contract extension in the next few weeks.

A copy of the resolution can be seen with this story on our news page at WATZ dot com.


March 23, 2021
Presque Isle
City of Rogers City
193 E. Michigan Ave.
Rogers City, Ml 49779
WHEREAS, 2018 PA 660, MCL 211.lOg ("the Act") provides that the State Tax Commission shall adopt and publish
guidelines applicable to municipal audit procedures; and
WHEREAS, the State Tax Commission has, in turn, adopted such guidelines, STC Guideline 2020-1 ("the guidelines"), as
required by the Act; and
WHEREAS, the guidelines provide that each assessing district must have and follow a published policy under which its
assessor's office is reasonably accessible to taxpayers, and that the published policy must address the items listed in
Section 10g, Subsection (1), of the Act; and
WHEREAS, the City of Rogers City, County of Presque Isle desires to comply with the requirement to establish such a policy
by adopting the present resolution and making the resolution available to the public;
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Rogers City, County of Presque Isle, establishes the following policy
and provides the following information in connection with its assessor's office:
a) The City of Rogers City, County of Presque Isle, currently employs an assessor of record that is certified by the
State of Michigan as a Michigan Advanced Assessing Officer (MAAO), Certification Number R-7862.
b) The City of Rogers City, County of Presque Isle, uses State Of Michigan approved BS&A CAMA assessing software;
contact information: BS&A software, 14965 Abbey lane, Bath Twp. Ml 49908. Telephone number 517-641-8900.
http://www.bsasoftware.com and http://www.bsaonline.com
c) The City of Rogers City, County of Presque Isle, contracts Allan Berg as the assessor of record, and the contact
Information for this assessor is as follows:
NAME: Allan Berg
TELEPHONE NO. (989) 734-3555
ELECTRONIC MAIL: info@assessingoffice.com
d) The assessor contact information can also be found by accessing the municipality website at
http://www.roge rscity. com or the assessor's website at http://www.assessingoffice.com
e) The City of Rogers City, County of Presque Isle, ensures that any taxpayer inquiring about property records
maintained by the assessor's office within the City of Rogers City, County of Presque Isle, will have a response
from the assessor of record within (7) business days from the date the request was submitted to the above listed
assessor either by telephone or electronic mail using the assessor contact information listed above.
f) Taxpayers may request a meeting with the assessor from the above-named Municipality for any property
assessment- related inquiries by submitting in writing to the above electronic mail address or contacting by
telephone the assessor of the above-named Municipality.
g) Taxpayers may request, using the above electronic mail or telephone number, to inspect the records maintained
by the assessor's office, and taxpayers will be contacted to set up a time and date to meet at the Municipality hall
listed at the above address.
h) Taxpayers may request, using the above electronic mail or telephone number, any questions or processes the
assessor uses to informally hear and resolve any disputes taxpayers may have before the March Board of Review
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution/Policy shall take effect as of the date set forth below.
Absent or Excused: ____ _
The Mayor declared the motion carried, and Resolution No. _______ duly adopted, this 23rd day of March, 2021.
-------------------~ Municipality Clerk Signed
-------------------~ Municipality Clerk Name Printed


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