Rogers City Council Adopts Ordinance Revisions
Wed, 07 Apr 2021 06:01:04 EDT

Rogers City Council members held the second reading of changes to 14 different city ordinances.

The list basically makes minor modifications to wording, phrases, or references to data tables or charts and collaborates data to language content. Some also address zoning areas of splitting lots and structures within, miscellaneous sign placement, fencing, and descriptive set backs for signs and structures, and building materials used on accessory structures.

Councilman Larry Fuhrman was uncomfortable with one of the changes concerning accessory structures, and members voted on that issue separately, with all approving changes except for Fuhrman who cast a lone no vote.

It was noted many revisions were also an effort to streamline administrative procedures in line with the recent designation of the city as a Michigan Economic Development "Redevelopment Ready Community", making the city more ready for developers and investors to move forward quickly with projects or plans. In some cases, the Zoning Administrator will be given more latitude to speed conflict resolution without Planning Commission or Council intervention.

Changes initially passed review by the City Planning Commission which developed revisions as needed and held public hearings.

A list of the ordinances affected can be seen with this story on our news page at WATZ dot com.


A. First reading- Ordinance 2021-03 (zoning-text)
B. First reading- Ordinance 2021-04 (zoning-conflict between tables/illustrations)
C. First reading- Ordinance 2021-05 (zoning-definitions)
D. First reading- Ordinance 2021-06 (zoning-accessory structures)
E. First reading- Ordinance 2021-07 (zoning-sign content)
F. First reading- Ordinance 2021-08 (zoning-sign standards)
G. First reading - Ordinance 2021-09 (zoning-porches/decks/patios)
H. First reading- Ordinance 2021-10 (zoning-wind energy)
I. First reading - Ordinance 2021-11 (zoning-multifamily dwellings)
J. First reading - Ordinance 2021-12 (zoning-dwelling units above commercial)
K. First reading - Ordinance 2021-13 (zoning-storage and public works facilities)
L. First reading - Ordinance 2021-14 (zoning-fence height clarification)
M. First reading - Ordinance 2021-15 (zoning-site plan deviations)
N. First reading - Ordinance 2021-16 (zoning-amend map)


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