Montmorency Agencies - 119 Calls For Service
Mon, 20 Jul 2020 06:01:15 EDT

Montmorency County emergency response agencies had 119 calls for service in the past week ending Sunday.

Deputies made two arrests on warrants along with one arrest each for operating while intoxicated, a complaint and traffic related. Deputies also investigated seven disputes, four alarms, two animal control incidents and one animal / vehicle crash.

Tri-Township EMS had nine calls, Lewiston EMS eight, and Hillman five. Tri-Township Fire made seven runs, Lewiston two, and Canada Creek one.

A more detailed dispatch summary can be seen with this story on our news page at WATZ dot com.

=== MCCD Activity Log - As presented by MCCD ===

July 13th

2:04 PM MCSO deputies responded to a domestic dispute on Mantz St in Albert Township. A 26-year-old male was taken into custody for domestic violence. He was lodged.

9:41 PM An Otsego County Resident reported their vehicle was damaged while parked at a home in Vienna Township.

July 14th

1:14 AM Albert Township Resident reported several individuals being loud in a nearby parking lot. MSCO Deputies responded and all involved left the area.

8:09 AM Horses loose on Morningstar Lake Rd. were reported, the owner rounded them up and put them safely back in their pen.

July 15th

10:14 AM MCSO was advised of a verbal dispute and requested law enforcement response. A deputy responded and the parties were separated. All clear at 10:40.

12:22 PM Dispatch was advised of a residential burglar alarm in Albert Township. A deputy responded to investigate. After a few min, the owner of the home was contacted and advised the housekeeper accidentally activated off the alarm. All okay and no need for a response. The deputy was advised to disregard.

7:38 PM Dispatch was advised of a verbal dispute on Buttles Rd in Albert Township. A deputy responded to investigate. The parties were separated for the night.

11:33 PM A deputy responded to a residential burglar alarm on Cohoon Rd in Rust Township. The house was found to be secure.

July 16th

3:41 PM A 42-year-old male turned himself in and was lodged.

5:30 PM Dispatch was advised of a domestic dispute on Pleasant Valley Rd in Hillman Townships. Deputies and MSP responded to investigate. All parties were separated for the night. All clear at 6:05 PM.

8:20 PM A deputy initiated a traffic stop on Co Rd 612 in Albert Township. A 28-year-old male was taken into custody for no security. He was lodged.

9:26 PM Dispatch was advised of a suspicious male walking on Old State Rd near Manier Rd in Vienna Township. A deputy responded to the area to attempt to locate the person.

July 17th

2:15 AM Dispatch was advised of a dispute on Montmorency St in Albert Township. Deputies responded to investigate. The parties were separated for the night.

9:12 AM A male subject in Albert Township called to report an assault; a deputy responded and spoke with both subjects; investigation is ongoing.

10:45 AM A utility worker called to request a welfare request on a female in Albert Township; a deputy responded and found the subject just fine. Officer cleared without incident.

11:53 AM A Hillman man was taken into custody on a Montmorency County warrant, he was lodged.

4:31 PM A boat flipped over on Lake 15 in Briley Township was reported by a resident on the lake, MCSO deputies, marine patrol, Tri Township Fire and EMS, DNR all responded to the scene. No injuries were reported.

6:33 PM A report of a car driving fast down Lake 15 Rd. MCSO Deputies were advised.

7:49 PM A call came into MCSO Dispatch of a domestic situation at Ess Lake Campground. MCSO Deputies responded and verbal warning was given.

10:54 PM A call came into MCSO Dispatch of the same domestic situation at Ess Lake that the situation has reignited. MSCO Deputies responded and one male was taken into custody on disorderly conduct. Male was transported to MCSO jail to be lodged.

11:07 PM A noise complaint was made on M32 west of Atlanta in Briley Township. MCSO Deputies responded and the noise was not present upon their arrival.

July 18th

8:28 AM A commercial burglar alarm was called into dispatch from an alarm company, deputies responded. A worker at the business called to confirm it was a false alarm, the deputies was advised he could disregard.

3:40 PM A report of 2 donkey’s loose in the road was called into dispatch, deputies attempted to find owner of the animals.

3:42 PM An occasional resident of Albert Township came up to their cabin to find their side by side and some tools had been stolen since they were there last. Investigation is ongoing currently.

5:31 PM A resident of Montmorency Township called to report her power pole was broken off, no smoke or fire was noted, she was without power, Canada Creek Fire responded to the scene.

5:44 PM A tree blocking Jonathan St in Hillman was reported, the Village of Hillman was contacted and would take care of it.

6:09 PM A report of a tree on a power line was reported on Carrier Rd in Hillman Township. PIE & G was contacted for repair.

6:17 PM A report of erratic driving on M32 heading east toward Atlanta. MCSO Deputies were able to stop vehicle and no violations had taken place.

10:19 PM MCSO Deputies were dispatched to a civil dispute in Albert Township.

10:40 PM A report of fireworks being shot off at Jackson Lake Campground. MCSO Deputy responded and upon arrival fireworks had stopped.

July 19th

2:58 AM a report of a vehicle that missed stop sign on S Airport Rd and CO RD 489. MCSO Deputies responded and a male was taken into custody for OWI.

3:24 AM A residential burglar alarm was reported by alarm company on Ferguson Rd in Hillman Township. MCSO Deputy responded and found building secure.

06:48 AM During the morning dispatch received multiple calls regarding the storm that went through Montmorency County. Tri Township Fire Department responded to multiple calls. No injuries were reported.

12:04 PM A resident of Briley Township called to report that lightning hit his property earlier and at this time he has a gas leak, Tri Township Fire responded, and PIE&G also responded.

6:02 PM Warrant arrest was made on female at MCSO lobby.


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