Nautical Lanes Bowling Scores - Week Ending 10-09-21
Tue, 12 Oct 2021 09:16:45 EDT

Week Ending 10-09-21


LEAGUE HIGH BOWLER: Tracey Peters 185-228-169 582
Tracey Peters 129 Pins Over Avaerage

Team Name: High Bowler Score

Mike Darga Bldrs Kim King 552
The Lighthouse Tracey Peters 582
Nautical Lanes Tera Talaska 496
The Club Angie Asam 448
Huron State Bank Yvonne Brege 513

League: Tues Senior Citizens

League High Bowler Al Royer 153-248-195 596
Pat Berg 223-201-193 617

Team Name High Bowler Score

Hummingbirds Al Hoffmeyer 445
T-Birds Tom Peterson 504
Blue Jays Bill Fay 473
Black Crows Greg Huff 553
Whipperwills Bill VanVelzor 562
Eagles Al Royer 596
Sparrows Pat Berg 617
Catbirds Randy Wenzel 504

League: Merchants

League High Bowler; Terry Basel 221-257-247 725

Star of the Week: Terry Basel 104 Pins Over Average

Team Name High Bowler Score

Johns Pblg. & Htg. Justin Schalk 705
Rhode Farms Jason Bark 686
Rons Excavating Mark Romel 583
Northern Glass Aaron Florip 612
Nautical Lanes John Monson 646
P.I. Agency Todd Curtis 642
Onaway K of C Eric Gundy 612
Nautical City Collision Pat Scott 594
McLean Pharmacy Joe Brewbaker 659
Schleben Tire Terry Basel 725

League: P. I. Harbor Seniors

League High Bowler Don Parkham 257-166-161 584
Yvonne Brege 179-183-163 525

Team Name High Bowler Score

King Pins Ed Wojnaroski 487
Da Yips!! Greg Huff 482
The Gutter Balls Jean Krupa 398
Misfits Yvonne Brege 525
3 Strikes & A Spare Don Parkham 393
SnoBirds Tim Lutes 435

League: Wednesday Nite Ladies

League High Bowler Amy Brewbaker 199-180-205 584

Star of the Week: Amy Henry 87 Pins Over Average

Team Name High Bowler Score

Nautical Lanes Tonia Bannasch 543
E. H. Tulgestka Yvonne Brege 558
The Lighthouse Jean Zampich 487
Curtis Excavating Amy Brewbaker 584
Rhode Farms Kim King 580
Chaunceys Pub Linda Stuebben 366
Onaway Embroidery Angie Asam 485
Melissas Extreme Cleaning Melissa Wolgast 375
Peacock Chiropractor Jessi Peacock 357
Lakeside Language Anna Nadolsky 451
Under The Radar Lynn Dauost 507
The Chateau Amy Henry 342
Huron State Bank Di Delekta 434

League: Independent

League High Bowler Jason Bark 244-258-246 748

Star of the Week Paul Denstaedt 109 Pins over Average


Team Name High Bowler Score

Patchwood Products Brian Gamrath 680
E. T.S Ken Hopp 656
Mike Darga Catering Ryan Darga 707
Northern Quality Builders Jim Schleben 636
Northern Technology Jason Bark 748
Dodge Boys Tim Berg 590
Big Boy Ernie Romel 656
Austin Brothers Brewing Corey Goupell 688
Curtis Excavating Todd Curtis 687
Romel Services Justin Robin 533

League: American

League High Bowler Al Wirgau 246-245-202 693
Yvonne Brege 204-169-179 552

Star of the Week Terry Peltz 55 Pins Over Average
Anna Nadolsky 16 Pins Over Average

Team Name High Bowler Score

Zgorski-Micketti Ken Bade 581
Napa Auto Justin Schalk 693
J & M Hydraulic Hoses Mark Romel 564
Calcite Credit Union Al Wirgau 693
Awakon Federal Credit Union Tera Talaska 472

League: Sunday Hits & Misses

League High Bowler: John Zampich 215-239-234 688
Amy Brewbaker 199-182-151 532

Team Name High Bowler Score

Girlz on Top Terry Petlz 575
The Red Bongos Dave Haselhuhn 422
Us Again Don Lehman 608
Carried John Zampich 688
Splitz & Gigglz Tom Delekta 466
His & Hers Al Hoffmeyer 425
Ball Droppers Chad Smith 374
Wanna Bees Kathie Johnson 451
BMWS Yvonne Brege 489
#6 Tom Spomer 574
4 In A Row Paul Maenie 470


Star of the Week: Pins Over Average
Pins Over Average

Pins Over Average
Pins Over Average
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